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By Fork & Brewer Mon 16 Mar 2015
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Low Blow - 80 HZ Version (with video)

A follow up to our involvement in the recent art exhibition "Low Noise2".

Some of you may have read our news post that we published just before the exhibition launched. To summarise, we brewed a beer (F&B Low Blow) and connected low frequency speakers and transducers to the outside of the tank to measure the effect Low Frequency vibrations has on yeast metabolism and subsequent beer flavour.

This special version of Low Bow is currently pouring on tap and handpull up at Fork & Brewer.

Jason Wright, the exhibition's curator and also one of the artists, has put together a video of the installation process, featuring F&B Brewer Kelly Ryan who explains the experiment.

Watch and enjoy!

Low Blow - 80 HZ version from Jason Wright on Vimeo.

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