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Comic Con - The Battle of Five Craft Beers: Tea Is For Terminus

When beer geeks and your garden variety comic geeks collide, you get a little rolling get-together like the Battle of Five Craft Beers craft crawl, part of this year's line-up of Comic Con Welly events.

Kelly's geek-themed Comic Con beer, Tea Is For Terminusa 6.1% Belgian Saison, siphoned its inspiration from Brewhui beer blogger and up-until-recently closeted comic swot, Jason Gurney, who is a bit of a Walking Dead fan.

Having previously written about Kelly on Brewhui (for his penultimate piece, no less), Jason has recently given his blog a bit of a reboot - now with more podcast!!

These are based around hanging out with clever Kiwi brewers for a brewday, asking loads of questions and generally helping out the homebrewing community by asking the questions he wanted to know the answers to!

Jase picked up things where he roughly left it, which means Kelly and Tea Is For Terminus have the honor of being the first brewer and brew to feature in Jason's maiden Brewhui podcast (yup, that highlighted link is a hint to get clicky with it and listen - after you’ve read the rest of this blog, of course).

Jase's favourite TV series and graphic novel happens to be The Walking Dead, and the brew's point of reference comes from his favourite episode (which he verbally downloaded to Kel), featuring a place of sanctuary in a zombie-filled, god forsaken world called Terminus.

As you'd expect in a series in which zombies are the antagonists, all isn’t what it seems to be, and this provided great inspiration for the brew.

Kel says: "The more I thought about it, the more I kept coming back to tea: a cup of tea in a place of refuge is a great relief. And after a bit of discussion, we chose a Belgian Saison style, fermented with both a Saison strain and Brettanomyces."

In Jase's words, "The beer was built to represent the arrival of Rick and his compadres to their new sanctuary: the bread from a long overdue meal; the sticky-sweetness of faux hospitality; the background note of something strange…"

When Jase arrived on brewday, he and Kel mashed in their combination of ale malt, wheat malt and flaked spelt and were inspired by the rich weetbix and muesli aromatics of the grain.

"We popped around the corner to tleafT and nosed our way through the array of aromatic tea samples. It was their Berrylicious, crammed with everything from rosehip, hibiscus, elderberry, raspberry and blackberry that captured our senses," said Kelly.

Terminus was hopped with NZ Kohatu hops, then infused with the Berrylicious tea and added at the end of the boil. The beer fermented out to 6.1% and offers a unique combination of berry fruits, spice, tartness and wonderful biscuit grain.

"It wasn't until afterwards that I made the link to the classic Belgian biscuits with their berry and spice combo that I realised we'd actually made the beer equivalent of that tasty snack," said Kelly.

Because nothing says putting your feet up like a tea and biscuit tag team after outrunning a pack of relentless zombies baying for your brains.

Comic Con's Battle of Five Craft Beers craft crawl takes place this Saturday, July 18 - tickets can be purchased here. However, Tea Is For Terminus will be available on tap for the geeky and non-geeky alike. #werethesame #walkingdeadref

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