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By Super User Fri 04 Oct 2013
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New Beers a Flowin'

The launch of two brand new Fork & Brewer beers in the past fortnight may have been overlooked, considering the epic celebrations that surrounded them!

A couple of Tuesdays ago (24th Sept) at our second birthday party we released our mid-strength IPA called 'Welterweight' to great reception. It seems people are screaming for sessionable ales, so a 4.7% IPA was just the ticket!

Then on Saturday 28th Sept 'Long Wheat Cloud' Hefeweizen, a German style cloudy wheat beer, was fittingly released at our Oktoberfest Party.

If you missed these events, we're still pouring both of these new beers up at the Fork:

Mid Strength IPA, 4.5% ABV
Pouring rich amber in colour, Welterweight has soft aromas of sweet peach and mandarin, without the characteristic IPA bitterness overpowering the caramel notes on the palate.

Long Wheat Cloud
Hefeweizen (Cloudy Wheat Beer), 5%
Brewed as a celebration beer for Oktoberfest, this beer has notes of sweet lemon, vanilla and banana bread. This German-style cloudy wheat beer may challenge some, but there are few beers more refreshing.

The F&B Team

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