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By Fork & Brewer Mon 16 Mar 2015
Low Blow - 80 HZ Version (with video)

A follow up to our involvement in the recent art exhibition "Low Noise2". ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Wed 04 Feb 2015
The Noise at Toi Poneke

Fork & Brewer is sponsoring the opening of an art exhibition called "Low Noise - An Exhibition of Sound Installations" at the Toi Poneke Gallery on Thursday the 12th February. The Fork & Brewer is not only providing the beer for the opening, we are also involved in one of the installations: We brewed a beer (Low Blow) and connected low frequency speakers and transducers to the outside of the tank to measure the effect Low Frequency vibrations (80Hz for those interested) has on yeast metabolism and subsequent beer flavour. ...READ MORE