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Fork & Brewer

beer and food

is available for pickup or

home delivery

11.30am – 9pm daily


Click here to place your Click & Collect food or beer order.


Click here to place your home delivery of Fork & Brewer beer.


Click here to place your home delivery of Fork & Brewer food.


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F&B Beers: Now Pouring

Latest News

Haze Jumper – 5.4% Juicy Pale Ale

The Fork & Brewer team have an unwarranted reputation for holding apathetic views towards hazy beers and the craze around it. These rumors are only partially untrue. Proving otherwise is the newest beer …

Little Forker Release: Work in Progress 3% Juicy Ale

We’ve seen a lot of insanity over the last few weeks. Things we never thought we’d ever see in our lifetime. New Zealand coming to a standstill. Trump press conferences/medical advice. McDonald’s-induced traffic …

Four & Twenty – 7.2% Blackberry & Hemp Sour Ale

As some of you are aware, April 20th resounds with some and is known as International Weed Day, referencing the indulgence of cannabis. Historically, it originally referenced the time when a group of …
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