The Fork Brewery

At the Fork & Brewer, we love making beer right in front of you.

The brewery bubbling away in the corner was designed in New Zealand and constructed in China during 2011. It was custom built for the Fork & Brewer and allows our team to brew around 1,000 litres of fresh, beautiful beer at a time.

Overseeing the development and installation was experienced brewer Dion Page (ex-Tuatara Brewery) while our head brewer is Brewjesus himself – Kelly Ryan. Drinkers can expect a growing number of regular Fork & Brewer beers as well as special collaboration brews with visiting brewers, seasonal beers and special occasion offerings.

Our very first Fork & Brewer beers were the Gold Medal Famous Golden Ale and the Base Isolator APA. You can also look out for a pilsner and a pale ale made with a cool new hop variety. Tuatara icon Carl Vasta has already been in to brew, with other high-profile brewers such as Luke Nicholas of Epic signed up to have a go.

Fork & Brewer allows everyone to test the adage that “beer is best drunk in the shadow of the brewery”. After all, you can see the brewery from most seats in the house. Forget about food miles, these beers are travelling mere metres to reach you – it does not get fresher than that.

Be sure to keep an eye on the News section of this website for the latest about what’s brewing right here.

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