Acca Dacca

Style: Sour Ale

ABV: 3.6% %

Availability: Archived

A tangy sour ale that brings the feijoa and lime right to the forefront of the palate. Leaves the tongue with sweet acidity and light malt sweetness.

We were lucky enough at Fork to host Gazz Williams, co-founder and maker of beery stuff at legendary Welsh brewery, Tiny Rebel when he was over for Beervana in August, 2019.

We devised a pretty cool recipe as Gazz was really keen on using ingredients that were quite unique to New Zealand. Ironically, one of the ingredients was Feijoa. Not quite a native of our fine isles, but nowhere heralds the little green fruit like us kiwis do, with most back yards across Aotearoa having a surplus of the fruit come harvest time!

The concept was based around a sour-style beer and we made an unusual decision to sour the beer itself with a combination of NZ lime juice and a little lactic acid (this is usually produced by bacteria when we do our kettle-souring technique here at Fork).

Feijoa has a pretty unique aromatic and flavour, very perfumed on the nose with hints of pineapple and tropical guava, hence its other name, Pineapple Guava! Its scientific name is Acca sellowiana, hence the slightly unusual name (which is also a bit of a reference to legends of rock, AC/DC, who are affectionately nicknamed Acca Dacca!).

The resulting beer has a wonderful brisk acidity and seesaws merrily between those wonderful feijoa aromas and juicy lime on the palate. The perfect spring time beer? Definitely. I think its fair to say, I might have to raise a glass or two when New Zealand meet Wales in the up and coming Rugby World Cup final! hehe

Acca Dacca – Feijoa & Lime Sour Ale

AbV – 3.6%

Bitterness – Very low

Malt – Pilsner, Wheat, Biscuit, Acidulated and Toffee

Hops – Aged Falconer’s Flight

Other – Pureed Feijoas, NZ Lime juice, Lactic acid

Aroma – Classic aroma of just ripe feijoa pulp. Grassy, green notes appear as it sits in the glass, with big lime zest aromatics underneath..

Flavour – Solid riff of acidity initially dominates the palate, with a backbone of gentle biscuity malt flavour beneath. The feijoa comes through initially and is followed closely by bright, vibrant lime juice notes. The finish is clean and tart, completely refreshing the palate.

Appearance – A hint of unfiltered haze in this light golden beer. The head appears tight and white.

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