Barrel Fermented Gose

Style: Gose

ABV: 5 %

Availability: Archived

We’ve just dropped a re-release of a very popular #LittleForker on tap BFG 5% Barrel Fermented Gose!

#Fork‘s Puns ‘n’ Goses wort was used to make this beer, and transferred into a French Oak barrel (which had previously been used to age a version Yoghurt & Bruesli sour ale). It contained a bunch of different yeasts and bacteria – some cultured and some wild.

The result is a remarkably drinkable, clear sour ale that harks back to the traditional style with a little funk!

BFG Barrel Fermented Gose Tasting Notes

– Appearance: Pale gold, clear. Low level head retention.

– Aroma: Hints of oak, an impression of citrus sourness, fruity esters and slight nuttiness

– Flavour: Good mouthfeel with big cashew butter and hazelnut notes. Clean acidity and soft residual sweetness.

– Malt: Ale, Pilsner, Rye, Flaked Barley

– Hops: Aged Falconer’s Flight (2012)

– Yeast/Bacteria: Brettanomyces bruxellensis, Roeselare Blend, Lambic Blend (including various Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactocbacillus and Pediococcus species)

– Other: Indian Coriander Seeds, Sea Salt, French Oak (ex Martinborough Pinot Noir)

– AbV: 5%

– Bitterness: Very low

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