A beer straight from Burton-on-Trent. A scrumptious malt profile with a slight zesty character all the way through.

Style: Burton Ale

Malt: Ale, Wheat, Aurora, Gladiator
Hops: Madorina Bavaria
Yeast: House Strain- warm fermentation
Other: NZ Sweet Navel Orange Zest
Look: Bright brown-red with a faint beige head
Flavor: Toasty malt profile with hints of roasted nuts, dark caramel and resinous, caramelized
orange zest. Finished with violet-like floral esters and an interplay of malt sweetness and
palate dryness to balance and boost drink ability
Aroma: just burnt sugar combines with pear-like esters,citrus and hop resin and soft caramel.
Subtle herbal zing to the hoppy notes.