Style: Extra Pale Ale

ABV: 1.05 %

Availability: Archived

This is the second reduced alcohol trial that we’ve done here at Fork (Chev being the first) and the results are being used by the yeast company Fermentis as feedback for this new yeast strain (LA-01 aka Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. chevalieri).

This doesn’t have a massive amount of haze, as for whatever reason, the beer we produce here is generally pretty clear/bright due to the brewery processes. The yeast itself isn’t known to be a strain that drops out of suspension easily, but maybe my dislike of hazy beers just scares the little yeasties into dropping out of solution!

It is unfiltered and unfined, so as natural as a beer can get. The yeast itself doesn’t ferment a certain malt sugar called maltose, meaning the beer is left with some residual sweetness, but is still crisp, clear and palatable.

Chickadee – Reduced Alcohol Hazy Extra Pale Ale

AbV – 1.05%

Bitterness – Low

Malt – Eraclea Pilsner and Wheat malts

Hops – Perle and Saphir

Yeast – Fermentis LA-01

Other – Citrulicious hop oil

Aroma – Honey sweetness with a hint of lemon leaf and chamomile. A hint of fruity, Belgian-type esters.

Flavour – Light malt with a hint of biscuit and Weetbix. Honey carries through, with a light and refreshing finish. It’s a beer soda!

Appearance – Pale hazy yellow with a white head.

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