Hardpour Corn

Style: Lager

ABV: 4.5 %

Availability: Archived

A thirst quenching cerveza with a bit more hop character. Slight citrusy hops alongside the clean malt to be expected with a lager. Try to say the name three times quickly!

Hardpour Corn 4.5% Amaizing Lager – it’s not safe for work… but safe for after work drinks! A clean, pale, refreshing Lager brewed with flaked maize, this beer is also a hard example of Fork Brewing’s unyielding partiality to puns.

In Kelly’s time at Fork Brewing, Golden Mile has slowly evolved away from a New Zealand hopped Helles (Pale) Lager and he’s tried to make it more like its German Helles namesake, albeit with a little more hopping!

“It has meant there is a little hole in the range for a nice, clean, crisp lager with a little more hop intensity than the standard, which is where Hardpour Corn comes in!” he says.

People often think of certain Mexican-style lagers (Corona, Sol, etc.) when it comes to crisp, thirst-quenching bottle beers, so Kelly thought it would be cool to riff on this, using around 15% Flaked Maize to add something a little different to this Lager. 

“The Maize itself luckily doesn’t give a heap of corn flavour, as this is something that isn’t necessarily wanted in beer,” he says.

“Corn – in particular sweetcorn characters – are associated with a compound called dimethyl sulphide (or DMS), and apart from its presence in very low levels in some beer styles, it is something that brewers try to avoid.

“DMS itself comes about during the fermentation process, however if we boil our wort extremely well, the precursor compounds that are present in grain, generally volatilise and we are left with nice clean wort, which is then converted to nice, clean beer.

“Despite the beer’s slightly naughty name, I’d set myself the challenge of making the cleanest Lager I possibly could in terms of flavour, and I reckon it’s pretty close. A good jug beer!”

Beer jugs. Not the other kind. Get your mind out of the gutter.


Hardpour Corn Amaizing Ale Tasting Notes

Style: Hoppy Maize Lager (A-Maize-ing Lager)

Appearance: Pale yellow with crystal clarity and a bright, white head.

Aroma: Subtle notes of citrus and a small hint of tropical, Sauvignon grape-type aromatics. Light hint of passionfruit.

Flavour: Delicate mouth bitterness upfront that dissipates on the swallow. Clean and light malt palate with subtle weight and a mineral-y, dry finish. Flavours of lime zest, lemon balm and light tropical fruits that finish through into the aftertaste.

Hops: Pacific Jade (Kettle), Nelson Sauvin and Citra (Dry Hop)

Malts: Premium Pilsener, Flaked Maize

Yeast: House strain, fermented cool.

Bitterness: Low

ABV: 4.5%

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