Mā is White

Style: Belgian Witbier

ABV: 5.2 %

Availability: Archived

Belgian-style Witbier with Horopito and Kawakawa added. These kiwi spices add a slight pepper-y flavour in the back of the palate. Goes perfectly with the fruit and clove flavours that bring this beer to life.

Style: Belgian Witbier with Horopito & Kawakawa

Malt: Premium Pilsener, Wheat, Flaked Red Wheat and Flaked Spelt
Hops: Citra
Yeast: Belgian Wit
Look: Hazy, pale lemon with a firm, thick and white head
Flavor: the softness of the wheat malt and flaked red wheat initially hit the palate,followed by a combination of sweet and spice. Fruity characters develop mid-palate, with the hint of clove and candy dissipating and ending with a light and dry finish. A hint of tartness finishes this Witbier,making it a great quencher.
Aroma: peppery spice and underlying citrus dominate with a slight background of
clove and bubblegum. A subtle touch of Sulphur rounds out the profile.

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