Mallon’s Mild

Style: Mild

ABV: 3.3% %

Availability: Archived

A culmination of multiple Mild brews over the past few years, Mallon’s Mild is a classic British-style Dark Mild Ale. It’s predecessors such as MMMMMild, Mild Thing and Pict all sold so well via our traditional handpumps and also via nitro dispense, that it was time to brew a batch on the big brewery instead of the smaller pilot batches.

Mild varied in strength throughout different eras in British brewing tradition, but this interpretation harks back to the lower alcohol early 20th century versions that were slaking the thirst of labourers throughout the mining and steel-working regions in the North.

Of course, this beer is also an ode to F&B founder and Fork Brewcorp vice-president, Colin Mallon, hence the use of the Mallon coat of arms. The concept behind the artwork was to capture the spirit of traditional British pub signs, and what better way than with the Irish insignia of a Kiwi Scotsman for an English beer!

Mallon’s Mild – Dark Mild Ale

AbV – 3.3%

Bitterness – Low

Malt – Ale, Wheat, Dark Crystal, Toffee, Dark Chocolate, Medium Crystal

Hops – Wai iti flower/cone hops and 035

Yeast – Combination of our Fork house strain and West Yorkshire Ale yeast. Warm fermentation temperature

Aroma – Fruity yeast aromatics initially, with soft notes of caramel and coffee and a hint of dark chocolate. Faint herbal notes as the beer warms slightly and an allusion of sweet malt.

Flavour – Caramel, light toffee and subtle coffee carry through to the palate, with a touch of herbal hop bitterness late on the tongue. Soft in mouthfeel, with a light palate weight and smooth texture. Light carbonation aids drinkability in this classic style.

Appearance – Pours a rich mahogany with a fine, beige head.

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