Miso Stout

Style: Stout

ABV: 4.2 %

Availability: Archived

A miso-infused milk stout. Don’t let the miso put you off, as it’s still a delicious, savory stout! Delicious malt profile with umami riding at the back of the palate, thanks to the miso.

Style: Miso infused Milk Stout.

Malt: Ale, Toffee, Roasted Barley, Flaked Barley and Rolled Oats
Hops: German Saphir and American/Japanese Sorachi Ace
Yeast: house strain, warm fermented
Other: Japanese Red Miso paste, Korean Dwenjang (된장) paste, Lactose
Look: Darkest of browns with a beige head
Flavor: full bodied at the front of the palate with a subtle roastiness and slight hint of char. A little red
bean sweetness comes through and the beer finishes clean with a hint of dark toffee and black doris
Aroma: slight hint of caramel and subtle smokey roastiness.Some perceived sweetness and a little
orange and oyster mushroom.

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