Shadow Folk

Style: Dark Lager

ABV: 3 %

Availability: Archived

This wee beverage is an ode to the delicious German dark lager styles, that include Dunkel and Schwarzbier. The plan with this brew was to try and limit the fermentation to allow for a lower alcohol version. It was a success!

After chatting to a German speaking friend, I decided to call this style a “Dunkelchen”, which effectively means Little Dunkel, with Dunkel meaning dark. It’s yummy.

Shadow Folk – Dunkelchen/Little Dark Lager

AbV – 3%

Bitterness – Low

Malt – Ale, Wheat, Medium Crystal, Munich, Toffee, Dark Chocolate

Hops – Perle

Yeast – Fermentis W34/70 – cool fermentation

Other – Sinamar

Aroma – Hints of sweet raisins and prunes, with underlying notes of dark caramel and chocolate. A little plum character as it warms.

Flavour – Initially sweet with good palate weight. Lengthy caramel and dark chocolate malt character comes through with a light and subdued bitterness. Smooth in the finish with classic lager crispness.

Appearance – Deep brown with a tight, beige head.

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