Sourbet Raspberry & Lemon Berliner Weisse

Style: Sour

ABV: 3.8 %

Availability: Archived

Malts – Pilsener, Wheat, Rye, Spelt, Acidulated Malt. Hops – Pacific Jade. Other – Lactic Acid. Bacteria, Brettanomyces bruxellensis, American Ale Yeast, Pureed Raspberries, Lemon Zest. Pouring a rose blush with a light pink head, this Berliner Weisse-style beer takes an interesting German sour ale style and skews it with the addition of raspberries and a lemon zest infusion. The resultant beer is tart and quenching with fresh raspberries in the aromatics, a crisp and sour palate followed by woody lemon peel and biscuit wheat malt on the finish. Too tart for you? The addition of Peppermint Sugar Syrup might be the ticket. Try it with or without, we leave that up to you!

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