Sours in the Attic

Style: Sour Ale

ABV: 5.5 %

Availability: Archived

As you’re all likely aware, I effectively use Fork & Brewer as one large science experiment in which I observe people’s behaviour upon tasting the range of beers that are made in the brewery…

Which brings me to this beer! Long story short, I was given a bunch of delicious American-grown hop samples prior to placing my big order for the year, meaning that it was important for me to open all of the little trial bags, nose the hops and make decisions for my annual brewing schedule!

It didn’t make any sense to me to do this and then throw the precious hops away, so instead, I squirrelled away a blend of worts from a couple of my standard beer range, adjusted the pH with some lactic acid to make the sourness subtle yet apparent, fermented it with a Belgian Witbier yeast strain and then dry-hopped it at around 6 grams per litre.

Sours in the Attic

AbV – 5.5%

Bitterness – Medium Low

Malt – Pilsner, Wheat, Rye, Acidulated, Golden Naked Oats

Hops – Ekuanot, Falconer’s Flight, Simcoe, Cascade, HBC472, Centennial, Loral, Mosaic, Pink Boots Blend, Galaxy, Riwaka and O35

Yeast – Belgian Wit

Aroma – A complex blend of fruity yeast-derived esters and dry hop character results in notes of stonefruit, bubblegum and tangerine zest.

Flavour – Soft with subtle sweetness and a tantalising tickle of late acidity. Clean with a nice minerally finish. Light and wheaty in malt character with notes of apricot, lemon and mango. Refreshing!

Appearance – Hazy pale yellow, with a bulbous, white head.

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