Style: Belgian

ABV: 9 %

Availability: Archived

The Artist Formally Known As Brett 9% Belgian Strong Smoked Pale Ale with Kumara – Tasting Notes – Flavour – Initially smooth and clean with alcohol sweetness and subtle smokiness across the tongue. Light in the finish with a slight earthiness and alcohol warmth. A subtle tartness lingers – Aroma – Candied banana, glazed lemon peel and Mānuka smoke with a hint of fruity esters – Look – Gold with a slight haze – Malt – Mānuka Smoked Malt, Pilsener Malt, Wheat Malt, Acidulated Malt – Hops – Wai iti – Yeast – B.bruxellensis trois/S.bruxellensis trois – Other – Roasted Golden and Purple Kumara (in the mash)

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