This unique corn lager is bursting with pink grapefruit and blood orange aromatics. Lean and clean on the palate, it allows the Nelson Sauvin flavours to shine through with gooseberry and white grape aplenty.

Style: Single-hopped Maize Lager.

Malt: Eraclea Pilsner and Flaked Maize
Hops: Nelson Sauvin
Yeast: House strain, cool fermented
Look: Light yellow with a slight haze. If you’re lucky, you may even get a few flecks
of real Unicorn, due to the coarse filtration.
Flavor: Upfront sweetness combines with flavours of blood orange and mango. Zesty
and bright in the mouth, with a light bitterness and citrus flavours to finish. Solid,
spritzy carbonation acts to temper the malt character
Aroma: A combination of fresh lime and mandarin zest with ruby grapefruit juice and
a classic, underlying fresh-hop “grassy” nose
Bitterness – Medium-low