Yoghurt & Bruesli

Style: Belgian Witbier

ABV: 8.0 %

Availability: Now Pouring



What would a Belgian brewer have for breakfast? Probably just a bit of toast, but the random imaginings of our brewer has resulted in this unusual answer of a beer.

A combination of crunchy grains in the form of barley, wheat, rye, oats, maize and spelt produced a wort that underwent a 40 hour souring with yoghurt bacteria.

Next up this was fermented with two strains of Brettanomyces bruxellensis, a Belgian yeast known for it’s big fruity character. A long slow maturation has resulted in this complex sour beer showing aromatics of pear and lemon sherbert. A rich mouthfeel with hints of grain and a wonderfully tart finish makes this beer drink surprisingly well for its strength.

A good start to the day? Probably not, but it’s good anyway!

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