COVID-19 Health & Safety

Level 1 Health & Safety Processes

Achievement level unlocked – congratulations, you’ve made it to Alert Level 1!

Whilst there will be a little less distancing, orders can be made from the bar, and we’ll have more tables and seats available, we want to keep you informed of what we’re doing for the safety of your health, well-being and comfort when you visit us at Fork & Brewer.

Level 1 at Fork & Brewer

We’re open our normal hours, and serving both food and beer under Alert Level 1 from Tuesday, 9 June.

  • On entry, we strongly encourage every patron to sign in with a mode of contact tracing. We have three for you to use: Rippl, a Government-assigned NZ COVID Tracer app (neither will save your personal data) or sign in manually on the Fork & Brewer contact tracing register (personal details also kept private).
  • You can now order from the bar! But we had such great success with table service over Levels 2 & 3, we will be continuing to offer this.
  • We are still offering our free beer delivery service every Thursday, and we still have click & collect pick up for both beer and food available.
  • We are offering beer takeaways from the bar again, however, we’re only accepting reusable glass flagons for refills at this point in time
  • We are continuing with some ongoing in-house health & safety processes to help prevent and minimise the spread of Covid-19 – please check these out, below.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Please do not take it personally if we make any requests for you to adhere to any in-house Level 1 health & safety guidelines. This is a new way of life, and we understand that some people will be getting used to the new normal. 

Additional in-house health & safety processes

Here are some other ongoing steps we’re taking under Level 1 to help prevent and minimise the spread of Covid-19:

  • Hand sanitiser is available around the bar and on tables for all patrons. If you find your table does not have hand sanitiser, please ask your friendly Forky team member, and they will provide you with some. 
  • Staff are regularly cleaning and sanitising hands.
  • Regular deep cleaning processes around all areas of the venue, especially in areas where people have dined and in the bathrooms.
  • Table settings with utensils, glasses, serviettes, etc. will be brought to you once your party has been seated.
  • Increased sanitisation processes with takeaway beer flagons. (NOTE: We are only accepting reusable glass flagons for refills at this point in time.)  

Please be assured that New Zealand already has very stringent and high standards of hygiene practices within the hospitality industry, to which Fork already adheres. We are aiming to exceed these for as long as we are living under these circumstances. 

The health of our crew, patrons and those we all come into contact with is paramount. The situation is a moving beastie, and we are always adapting as we learn more. We want to assure you, we are accommodating the new normal as best we can.

If you have any further queries, please call us on 04 472 0033 or email us

The Fork Crew xx

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