And so, the beer begins to flow

October 20, 2012

On Wednesday 17th October at 5pm, we poured the very first beers from our brewery.

The night was attended by many, many Wellingtonians (and the odd Aucklander), who came together with a thirst for good beer. I think we slaked said thirst well and truely.

Our first beer, Gold Medal Famous Golden Ale, named in honour of the very hip (and pretty out there) Wellington band was enjoyed with vigour by many- one guest pointing out that it was the perfect match for the chicken canapes Chef had provided. Chris Wilson of Gold Medal Famous (the musician, not the beer), was so inspired by our beer that he is keen to write a song especially about this momentous event.

Taking it up a notch or 2 on the hops ‘n’ alcohol Richter scale was our second born – Base Isolator APA, an aromatic and punchy American Pale Ale loaded with the aromas and flavours of passionfruit, lychee and stonefruit- all of which came from the GFC inducing amount of American hops used in this copper toned hop bomb.

We’d like to take the chance here to thank all those involved in making it happen- Here are a few of the many well deserved honorable mentions…. Lester Dunn and Dion Page our Brew Crew, who worked tirelessly around the clock (true story!) to get their first releases ready for their debut. Chef Anton Legg and General Manager Adrian Klemp for putting together a great party with awesome food, and a special mention must go to our friends at DoubleFish, Ken Double & John Fisher along with Luke Fan their designer rockstar, without these guys we would have great tasting beer with boring names like Sharon or Derek….

Finally a great big thank you to all who have come in and checked out our new beers so far – we will keep on brewing them, but we need you to drink them! Over the coming weeks we will be brewing a second Batch of Base Isolator APA and a Pilsner by the name of Bohemian Hipster. After that the fun really begins with flying brewers coming along to the Fork and creating beers along with Lester that will be pretty damn special one offs. Watch this space on who is coming to play.

And now that we are up and fully running at the brewery, we are open to ideas from groups wanting their own beer brewed for their Fork & Brewer Christmas Party/ wedding/ Bar Mitzvah or Civil Unionising. It’s as easy as contacting Adrian ( to work out what is the beer for you.

Until next time,



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