Little Forker: The Demogorgon 8.8% Specialty Imperial Stout

January 30, 2017

Ready for a #LittleForker that’s gonna get a little freaky? The Demogorgon 8.8% Imperial Stout is packed full of chipotle, Dutch cocoa powder, smoked manuka and…. silkworm pupae? Stranger things have happened…

A slightly unusual beer, this includes a popular Korean snack food called Beondegi. Beondagi are the pupae of the silkworm and are collected from the silk cocoons after boiling and harvesting of the thread. They are relatively high in protein (over 70%) and have an earthy, nutty, umami-like flavour.

Kelly lived in South Korea for three years and really enjoyed buying a paper cup of these. They are usually served lightly seasoned and either steamed or boiled.

“I’ve always thought they would be an interesting addition to a dark beer, and have been thinking about this for about a decade!” said Kelly. 

“Sometimes the beondagi are served in a stock with chilli and green onion, so I thought that the addition of chipotle and smoked manuka malt would work well to emulate some of the flavours I associate with this snack.

“Another source of inspiration was the Mexican mole sauce which is often packed with spices, chilli and garlic and finished with chocolate.

“One of my favourite dark NZ beers is Brew Moon’s Ole Mole, so it’s also a little nod to that!”


The Demogorgon Specialty Imperial Stout 

Style: Specialty Stout – Chipotle, Dutch Cocoa Powder, Silkworm Pupae and Manuka Smoked Imperial Stout

Aroma: Chocolate, smoke, dried currants, toasted fenugreek and a hint of chilli.

Flavour: Initial sweetness, subtle char and rich chocolate followed by smoky, chipotle spice on the back of the palate. Rich mouthfeel with a slight nutty character and lingering chilli warmth. Finishes smooth with a subtle bitterness and light vanilla aftertaste.

Appearance: Black with a light brown head

Malt: Manuka smoked, Roast barley, Pilsener, Chocolate, Roasted wheat, Rolled oats, Carawheat

Hops: Motueka

Yeast: American Ale

Other: Dutch Cocoa, Korean Silkworm Pupae, Chipotle Chilli

ABV: 8.8%

IBU: 43


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