Methode in Madness 7.5% Brut IPA

September 3, 2018

What is dry, but also wet? This! Effervescent, bright, bubbly with a lovely dry finish – Méthode in Madness 7.5% Brut IPA is another deviation from the classic English or American variety.

The Brut IPA recently originated on the West Coast of the USA as a bit of a counterpoint to the juicy or hazy pale ales and IPAs that have begun to dominate the marketplace.

Brut refers to the fact that these beers have little or no residual sugar. Méthode in Madness was fermented using a special alcohol tolerant yeast strain that also contains a special enzyme that helps to break down any of the complex sugars that have made it into the finished wort. This process allows all of the sugars in the wort to be completely fermented out, living minimal residual sugar sweetness.

Interestingly, yeast produces a number of other compounds during fermentation that may attribute a perceived sweetness to the finished beer. The hop flavour and aroma compounds, coupled with a type of alcohol called glycerol, still leave the finished beer with a hint of perceived sweetness to round out the drinking experience.

The idea with Méthode in Madness was to choose hop and malt varieties that allowed the finished beer to have some similar characteristics to the dry sparkling wine it is named after. Citrus, herbal and fruityhop varieties were picked and the base malt was chosen for its ability to produce a slight hint of doughiness akin to a good Champagne.


Méthode in Madness Brut I.P.A. Tasting Notes

– Appearance: Very bright and pale with a light, white head and good carbonation

– Aroma: Meyer lemon peel and pine needles with hints of white grape juice and yellow grapefruit flesh.

– Flavour: Some perceived sweetness up front with a hint of side palate acidity and more alcohol sweetness following. This is followed by a solid, dry finish and gentle, late bitterness. Smooth and citrussy with further hints of zest and tropical fruit. Nice and dry with quenching minerality.

– Hops: El Dorado, Simcoe, US Chinook and Riwaka

– Malt: Pale Lager, Toffee and Torrefied Wheat

– Yeast:Fermentis HA-18

– Other: Sucrose

– Bitterness: Medium High

– AbV: 7.5%

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