New brewery fires in the heart of the capital

September 19, 2012

The modern 1,000-litre microbrewery located in the Fork & Brewer brewpub will fire up for the very first time on 18 September 2012. Known as the Fork & Brewer Brewery, it will provide fresh beers exclusively to the Fork & Brewer which is located upstairs on Bond Street in central Wellington.

Fork & Brewer opened on 9 September 2011 and is a top-class hospitality destination with an emphasis on the partnership between quality craft beer and delicious food. It was founded by the team behind the Malthouse, twice selected as the best beer venue in New Zealand by Beer and Brewer magazine.

They have secured the services of two very talented young brewers to run the Fork & Brewer Brewery. Dion Page is a former senior brewer at Tuatara Brewing Company, a former Champion Brewery of New Zealand. Lester Dunn brewed at the old Mac’s Brewery on the Wellington waterfront. As well as their extensive commercial work, both are noted home brewers in their own right.

Over time, the Fork & Brewer Brewery will make a range of beers, some of which will be available regularly while others will be limited-edition speciality beers. The first brew will be called Gold Medal Famous and is an easy-drinking Golden Ale. Next off the rank are likely to be Mount Victoria IPA and Bohemian Hipster Pilsner, a crisp lager.

Director Sean Murrie said “Wellington customers are incredibly supportive of craft beer and we want to take things to the next level. The on-site brewery allows us to create a range of house beers as well as make collaborative and speciality brews with like-minded visiting brewers.”

Director Colin Mallon said “Having Fork and Brewer Brewery operating will complete the vision we had of creating a true beer destination. The old saying is that beer is best drunk in the shadow of the brewery and our beers will be travelling a matter of metres from tank to tap. Additionally, we will be looking to set new standards in customer service and food selection, including expert beer and food matching”.

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