Zeus Juice 6.5% Mythological IPA

April 3, 2017

Gad Zeus! It’s Fork Brewing’s latest release, Zeus Juice 6.5% Mythological IPA! This beer was a special request from the higher powers (Fork & Brewer’s shareholders), and is a slight change up from Kelly’s usual take on an I.P.A. – a little more bitter than his usual hoppy numbers.

“I could wax lyrical about the intent behind this beer,” says Kelly.

“But it was actually the higher powers – the actual god-like figures behind the illustrious Fork & Brewer – that had an idea for this brew. It was a simple quest: make an I.P.A. at around 6-6.5% but make it a little more bitter than my usual hoppy brews.”

Easy! Well, kind of… 

Because Kelly’s quest for balance is of his highest importance, he still needed to ensure that this brew had some type of semblance of drinkability for his palate.

“I didn’t want it to be skewed too strongly towards the tastes of beer writers/shareholders such as Neil Miller!”

Using the most simple of grain bills, just one type of malt, Kelly wielded his mighty, enchanted mash fork and created this son of a…. Titan.

“Heavily dry-hopped, I also adventured into a slightly different realm of filtration and have used a coarser filter than usual in the hope of allowing more of the hop oils and their associated flavour and aroma qualities to be in the finished brew,” says Kelly. 

And the name?

“One of the hop varieties is known by three names… Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus or CTZ and this was the dominant hop in this beer,” says Kelly. 

Join us on Wednesday and praise the gods with a pint of Zeus Juice. 


Zeus Juice Mythological IPA Tasting Notes

Flavour: Sparkling and luscious on the front palate with a hint of nuttiness. Resinous hop oils throughout with hints of pine needle and preserved peaches. Mouth coating bitterness with firm malt texture at the back and a warming, tingling after-bitterness.

Aroma: Candied stonefruit, juniper and a hint of kaffir lime. Peach melba.

Look: Light amber with a subtle, hop-polyphenol haze.

Hops: Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus(CTZ), Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe

Malt: Pilsener

Yeast: Fork House Strain – Warm fermented

ABV: 6.55

IBU: 60

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