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Fork & Brewer Beer Delivery

Yeah. Sometimes we can’t be buggered going out either. So we’re happy to say Fork & Brewer is now offering free, distanced, door-to-door delivery of Fork beer flagons and Fork Brewcorp bottles. Consider it an essenti-ale service.

How to order

Download the Regulr app through your phone app store. Search for Fork & Brewer and order away! If your address lies outside the Regulr delivery perimeters, please email us on, and we’ll do our best to sort something out for you!

We have more than 30 of our beers fresh from the tap available in 1.25L and 2.75L riggers, as well as Fork Brewcorp 500ml bottles (currently on special), and Fork & Brewer vouchers*. If you feel your lockdown wardrobe needs refreshing, you can check out our online merch store. (Please note: Currently, voucher and merch orders can only be made in Wellington with distanced deliveries.) 

We are delivering to Wellington CBD and the following Wellington suburbs. If your address falls outside these perimeters (say, Porirua or Lower Hutt), please email us your order at

We deliver once a week on Thursday between 12-5pm. Last orders will be taken up to 9am on the day of delivery.

We are aware technology is not infallible! If you cannot access the Regulr app, please email us on and we will help you with your order. Please check the Fork & Brewer tap menu and prices for your order (please note: availability and prices are subject to change). 

*Voucher redemption – If you would like to make a purchase with a Fork & Brewer voucher, please make your purchase directly with Please note, any additional cost over and above the voucher amount will have to be arranged with staff prior to delivery. Change will be given in the form of a Fork & Brewer voucher.  Please check the Fork & Brewer tap menu and prices for your order (please note: availability and prices are subject to change).

Delivery Process and Health & Safety

Despite of – or maybe, especially because of – these crazy times and circumstances, we want you to know we are still responsible hosts. We’re in the fortunate position to be able to deliver beer to your door under lockdown, and want to assure our customers we’re undertaking all Covid-19 precautions and minimising contact throughout the delivery process to ensure you and our team are kept safe.

Please read the following steps, so you know what to expect when we show up at your door! 

  • Conveniently, the Fork & Brewer delivery team all live in the same house and already share a bubble. If you see them in pairs during a delivery run, they are not flouting the rules – they’ve already been isolating together for the last few weeks! 
  • The Fork & Brewer delivery team will sport personal protection equipment in the form of face masks and rubber gloves, and will be armed with spray bottles of sanitiser (made by Fork head brewer, Kelly Ryan – he knows how to science). 
  • Staff will spray bottles and riggers with disinfectant before delivering at the door. (The sanitiser may smell slightly of vinegar or acetic acid – we promise you, this is the good stuff.) 
  • On delivery, Fork staff will knock on your door, and step back a minimum of two metres.
  • The buyer must be the receiver (unless there is prior arrangement to leave the delivery there or have someone else collect it at the door). On delivery, Fork staff will ask each customer their name and inform them that they will be signing on the customer’s behalf to confirm the delivery has been made. 
  • ID may be requested to prove identification or proof of age. This might involve an awkward, yet safety-conscious, ballet of backwarding and forwarding as we request, from a distance, that you place your ID on the ground mid-way between ourselves and your door. Once you’ve stepped back, we will come forward to check ID, pop the beer down and retreat, at which point, you can advance to collect your beer and ID. Fun times!
  • If you have a Fork & Brewer voucher to redeem, we will handle its redemption much in the same way we handle checking IDs. However, we will mark it with a stamp or signature to indicate it has been redeemed. 
  • Drink your Fork & Brewer beer safely and responsibly. Possibly with a bunch of mates on video chat. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us on – we will be checking it daily. 

Please stay safe, keep your distance, be kind and take care, Forky friends!

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